Rifle & Pistol Pathway

Recognised by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) as the governing body for Great Britain, British Shooting is responsible for those international disciplines co-ordinated by the ISSF.  Funded by UK Sport and Sport England, British Shooting’s purpose is to enable world leading people to deliver world leading performances.  In order to give shooters every opportunity to develop into world class athletes British Shooting has developed a system to support great people with world class coaches, cutting edge sport science, and dynamic management and logistics.  

Whether volunteers, development activators, management, support staff or coaches our fundamental aim is to support athletes in achieving their goals. Our aim is to add value in your path to Olympic success. We offer support and opportunities to shooters of all ages and have a proven track record of developing talented people, from every shooting discipline, into world class athletes.  We also aim to create a united target shooting community; a collaboration of governing bodies, shooting grounds, coaches, volunteers athletes and their families.

The Talent Pathway

The journey to success is often very different for each athlete. There is no single pathway or blueprint for how athletes progress to become a world class athlete. Extensive research into the journey taken by international shooting medallists has shown that athletes will inevitably face setbacks, challenges and difficulties on their journey to become world class.  We are always learning and researching how to best support athletes, and combined with our growing collective experience, the system is well placed to help and support athletes on their individual journey to achieve success at the highest level. 

There are many ingredients which will combine to enable athletes to be successful; some of these ingredients include engaging with high quality coaching, learning to solve problems, taking ownership of your own development and spending sufficient time on task.  The programmes we offer aim to provide supportive and challenging learning environments to develop these behaviours.  The most successful athletes will be the ones who make best use of the resources available to them. 

British Shooting Programmes

British Shooting’s purpose is to find and support athletes who have the right passion, commitment, skills and behaviours to progress in ISSF disciplines. We aim to identify and support this through the Great Britain Academy programme. In the GB Academy Programme, athletes are provided with a bespoke learning package which aims to enable them to reach their potential. Athletes who show the highest level of potential and performance at this point may progress onto the World Class Programme. To find out details about the GB Academy Programme and World Class Programme, click on the links below. 

World Class Programme

Having demonstrated your ability to deliver results on the world stage, you will be provided with a bespoke support package (supported by British Shooting including ammunition, domestic and international competition, world class coaching and science sport support) which will enable you to have potential to consistently deliver medal success at major world cups and major championships. Click here to find out more.

Great Britain Academy Programme

At this stage you will have been recognised as having world class potential. You will be provided with world class coaching to support your individual training plan. From psychology to physio support, you will be offered sport science provision to develop you into an all-round world class athlete capable of beating the world’s best athletes. Click here to find out more. 

Talent Network

British Shooting have supported the emergence of localised Talent Networks. The purpose of the Talent Networks is to support a cohort of connected learning environments and people that enable the next generation of aspiring shooters to be the best they can be. The network has a set of guiding principles which been co-created by the rifle and pistol target shooting community. These principles are beginning to be explored within the newly formed networks in the Midlands, Hampshire and Surrey. To find out more about how the Talent Network initiative emerged, please click here. 

How do I get involved? 

Competition to get a place onto the GB Academy Programme is highly competitive. However, there are various ways in which you can begin to set off down the path of developing the right skills and behaviours to progress into the GB Academy Programme. 

Some great stories have emerged over time of athletes who have gone on to compete at a high level in ISSF rifle and pistol disciplines who have started at various environments. 

You can visit our blog page to hear about how our GB Academy athletes got into the sport and what experiences they have had. 

The list below is just some of the places where shooters start their journey.  

  • CCRS (Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting)
  • The Scouts (National Scout Rifle Championships)
  • Pony Club Tetrathlon
  • Pentathlon
  • ACF Cadets

In previous years, many of the GB Academy athletes have emerged from Home Nation Country programmes and the NSRA GB Talent Squad. 

Wales Target Shooting Federation 

The WTSF offer a ‘talent support and talent potential’ and ‘high performance’ squad programmes to support Olympic and Commonwealth potential. 

For further information on how you can progress onto these programmes, email the WTSF by clicking here. 

Scottish Target Shooting

The STS currently offer an ‘academy’ and ‘high performance’ squad programme to support Olympic and Commonwealth potential. 

For further information on how you can progress onto these programmes, please email them directly by clicking here.

England Small-bore Shooting Union

The ESSU currently provide training and competition opportunities via the England Academy and TENS programmes to support Olympic and Commonwealth potential. For further information, email by clicking here. 

Northern Ireland Federation of Shooting Sports 

If you are interested to hear what is on offer in Northern Ireland for ISSF shooting please contact them directly, by clicking here. 

National Small-bore Rifle Association

Like our Home Nations partners, the NSRA aims to support athletes who wish to progress onto the GB Academy Programme. Via the GB Talent Squad for rifle and pistol, the coaches provide training and competition opportunities to enable skill learning to progress athletes in their ISSF shooting aspirations. You can find out how to get involved in these programmes by contacting: 

British Army Elite Shooting Programme

The Elite Army Shooting Programme which was launched in 2014, aims to support rifle and pistol athletes who have demonstrated potential to develop into high quality ISSF athletes. Click here to find out more about the programme. 
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